Custom children bedroom

A child’s room is a small world of its own. It’s a place for fun and games, an office, a bedroom and a living room all in one. Your children will grow up with the furniture that you choose and that’s why it’s essential the furniture is practical. The need to combine many different functionalities requires extra thought when designing a child room.

Considering all this we believe the best option is to make custom children furniture. If you decide to trust Artisans Bulgaria with your child’s bedroom furniture you will be able to choose the best setup for its needs. We believe that functionality is crucial for every piece of furniture but it should also fit perfectly and meet your child’s needs and interests. What’s more your child’s furniture should grow with it. We can make modular pieces of furniture which will change their purpose over time. That way you won’t need to buy new furniture every few years.

Custom furniture

Our atelier is not limited to children furniture. We can make different furniture for your home or office – from custom kitchens to specialised furniture for stores, bars and restaurants.

Types of custom children furniture

Trust Artisans Bulgaria with your children’s bedroom furniture. We have the experience and knowledge to create a wonderful new place where your children will love to spend their time.

As experienced woodworkers and young parents we can make the furniture with which you will happily welcome your child into this world. The design and materials used for babies is very specific. Young children get to know their surroundings by tasting it with their mouths. Therefore only natural materials and harmless lacquers and paint should be used. The design of the furniture should be simple, without sharp edges or decorative elements which can be easily broken.

Keeping all this in mind and considering your ideas and desires we can create functional baby furniture with which you can welcome your newborn child at home.

When designing a room for an older child different principles apply. You need to consider a few functional zones – a zone for studying, a zone for fun and a zone for rest. Each of these zones should be comfortable and at the same time serve its purpose.

The biggest advantage of custom child furniture is that the configuration can be changed. Based on the available space we can make a student desk, a stand with different dimensions or other non-standard furniture pieces. Such are double deck beds, combined bed with desk or bed with wardrobe.

When designing a child’s room we need to consider a few things which will help us in our work.

We need to know the child’s age and what its hobbies and interests are. That way we can design the best functional zones and do it in a creative way. Be it a small reading zone or a drawing one, a place for fun and games or a small work desk. There are unlimited options. Furthermore we can design modulated furniture pieces which will change their purpose over time without the need to buy new ones. Last but not least we can offer a wide range of colors which will include your child’s favourite color.

Before starting the design project we will send a professional to measure the room’s dimensions. Our expert will consider the room’s natural lighting. They will discuss with you the colors, quality and durability of the materials used as well as their price. That way you can make the best choice for your child’s room.


All custom child furniture we make is produced with enough attention to detail and meet the highest safety standards.

Short deadlines

We believe that finishing our projects within the deadlines is extremely important. We can also give you shorter than most deadlines for making custom child furniture.

Custom or design furniture

You can order child furniture by completed design or trust us with designing the dream room of your child.

Contact us now for an offer for your custom children’s furniture.