Custom kitchen – a better solution!

The kitchen is the hearth of every home. That is why it’s so important it fits your custom needs. It is really hard to find a mass production kitchen that would both be functional and fit the space you have at home. We offer a better solution – a custom made kitchen.

Every custom kitchen we make is unique, made to fit the customer’s requirements for functionality, dimensions and choice of material. If you choose to order a custom kitchen we will assist you in every part of the process – from the design project, through all corrections, choice of materials, colors, mechanisms and in the final installation. Together we can create a unique high quality kitchen which you will enjoy for years to come.


Why choose us for your custom kitchen?

At Artisans Bulgaria we build a strong and professional relationship with every client. The most important part in our work is to understand your needs and thus create the space which will best suit you. We will make a functional, eye pleasing and high quality custom kitchen. We will help you decide on the best materials, mechanisms and fittings according to your needs and budget.

We guarantee that we will meet our deadlines and be open and transparent during the whole work process. We can also offer 2-3 times shorter than most deadlines depending on the complexity of your custom kitchen.

Custom solution for every custom kitchen

At Artisans Bulgaria we offer you custom solutions consistent with your preferences and budget. We know that every home is different and that every home needs a unique look at its interior. That is why we offer a wide range of custom kitchens:

Some rooms require specific solutions such as a corner kitchen. A corner kitchen gives you the opportunity to design the corner in a way which best suits you. For example it can be used as a functional cupboard without loss of space and with beautiful design.

One of the best features of a wooden kitchen is its durability. Kitchens made of MDF take water damage with time while wooden ones don’t. Kitchens made of wood are not only more durable but are also beautiful.

Making a kitchen that need to fit into a tight space is a real challenge. Fortunately at Artisans Bulgaria we have the needed experience to make a custom small kitchen. After viewing measuring the space we will make a kitchen design which will combine style and functionality.


We give longer warranty period for our custom kitchens. We are also available after this period.


We can meet all your requirements for dimensions, quality and style of your new kitchen.


All custom kitchens we make are produced with enough attention to functionality and detail so that you are satisfied with the end result.

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