Custom designed bookcase

Design and produce of a bookcase.

  • Client: Private client
  • Service: Design and produce
  • Date: September 13, 2019

We get various orders for custom furniture at Artisans atelier but this was the first time we got an order for a wedding gift. We really enjoyed making this stylish and meaningful bookcase.

The order was for a bookcase and its design was entirely trusted to us. After the concept design was presented and accepted by the client we continued with our work. It wasn’t an easy project but everyone who worked on it really enjoyed the process and the end result. That’s especially true for Kosta who designed the bookcase and did most of the work including painting.

The bookcase is made of oak plywood. Details we partially painted. The sides, front lines as well as the top and bottom were painted with polyurethane paint. The entire bookcase was covered with acrylic coating which does not change the oak’s color. All hand work for this project took approximately 30 hours.

The sides were painted entirely and then sanded on the front side. That’s how only three white lines were left. This resulted in an interesting effect which differs from the classic look of the bookcase.

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