Custom whole house interior

Custom house interior including two kitchens, child room and bedroom

The project was in collaboration with architect Pavleta Pavlova (Leta Lova studio), and the end result is simply beautiful – you can check it out in the gallery below. The building has served as a restaurant for the last 30 years and turning it into a home was not an easy task but Pavleta was up for the challenge.

High quality was at the core of this project, which is why the customers opted for MDF instead of chipboard. Although hidden, the mechanisms have not been neglected either we’ve once again relied on Blum’s durable fittings. An interesting feature in the design is the milled doors, which use a continued frieze, giving off a sense of continuity and symmetry. A great addition for the clients’ comfort is the summer kitchen which is a well-combined mixture of traditional and modern styles.

The modern-looking child room includes a walk-in wardrobe and a separate bathroom. The straight lines on friezed elements contrast well with the soft and gentle ones in the master bedroom.

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