Jalousie wardrobe

Produce of jalousie wardrobe and shoe cabient.

  • Client: Private client
  • Service: Produce
  • Date: January, 2020
Близък план на плътна вратичка и две жалузни вратички на шкаф за обувки по поръчка

We’ve partnered with interior designers on different interesting projects. Here is one that we want to show to you.

We received the project and made a jalousie wardrobe, shoe cabinet and heating cover. It was not an easy project and it required some planning as we had to produce more than 400 details. That’s right, each jalousie detail had to be cut on our CNC router and then sanded, primed and painted. To ensure the furniture would have long lasting high quality we decided to use fittings from Hettich.

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