Luxury solid wood kitchen with island

Produce of luxury solid wood kitchen by project.

  • Client: Private client
  • Service: Produce and installation
  • In partnership with: Stil-M
  • Date: March, 2020
Трапезна маса и кухненски остров (2 в 1) изработени от масивна дървесина.

Another luxury kitchen came out of Artisans Bulgaria‘s atelier in the beginning of March. For this project we partnered with the professionals from Stil-M. You can check out the result in the gallery below.

It’s important to say that this kitchen is not fully completed. The back of the kitchen still needs to be installed. It will be made of decorative brick like tiles. Other things that will be installed are island aspiration, faucet and of course handles.

This kitchen is made of ash wood which was painted in white. In the process we made sure the pores of the ash would stay clearly visible. We like to say that a luxury kitchen should not only look beautiful but function perfectly as well. In order to meet our quality standard we chose the Austrian producer Blum for the fittings. As you can see from the images the only visible electrical appliances are the oven and hob on the island. That’s because the fridge and the washing machine are integrated.

What’s interesting about the kitchen island is that it combines a dining table and island. The island and kitchen tops are made of solid oak wood. The production was very time consuming as we had to cut and mill 350 elements by hand. They were then glued together and finished with oil. The perfect execution and given patience was thanks to our workers – Yordan and Nedko. The table’s feet are also made of solid wood.

Check out how the kitchen looked like right after installation. We hope we can add more images once all finishing touches are completed.

If you are interested in making a beautiful luxury kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us at +359 877 788 948 or